Doing this can have a profound impact on your health

Spending an extra hour sitting a day (for 13, rather than 12, hours) is linked to a 50 per cent greater risk of being disabled. And this was regardless of whether the participants also did moderate exercise, according to the U.S. study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. You might assume that knee osteoarthritis is more likely in people who put their bodies through tough exercise routines. But experts say there is also a link with sitting too much.


Do this to reduce everyday aches and pains

Posture is defined as the position in which you carry your body while standing, sitting or lying down.  Poor posture can come from things such as looking at a computer, sitting in an office chair, driving, standing for long periods of time and sleeping. Poor posture can cause back pain and damage to the spine. However, proactively practicing healthy posture can go a long way towards eliminating muscle strain and pain, muscle fatigue and even risk of injury. The key is initiating good posture into your daily routine.

Doing this one thing less often can seriously improve your health

Doing this one thing less often can seriously improve your health

Recent studies reveal that millions of people may be making themselves ill by doing too much of this very common practice. In fact, the latest evidence suggests that doing this too often every day can also increase your risk of developing diabetes. Scientists have now discovered a link between levels of sugary glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream (a precursor to diabetes). And the link is…

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