Simple changes with big benefits

Not paying attention to your posture can put an abnormal amount of stress on particular muscles. Poor posture can be due to weak core muscles, which prevent you from holding your torso and hips in proper alignment. It can also be caused by tight muscles, a common issue for those who sit long hours throughout the day. Long-term poor posture effects include problems with bodily systems such as digestion and breathing.


Do this to reduce everyday aches and pains

Posture is defined as the position in which you carry your body while standing, sitting or lying down.  Poor posture can come from things such as looking at a computer, sitting in an office chair, driving, standing for long periods of time and sleeping. Poor posture can cause back pain and damage to the spine. However, proactively practicing healthy posture can go a long way towards eliminating muscle strain and pain, muscle fatigue and even risk of injury. The key is initiating good posture into your daily routine.