Do these 5 things to be happier and healthier

In a recent study, four hundred scientists set out to discover simple easy to accomplish things that could make a profound difference in one’s personal wellbeing. These actions, they say, are so simple that everyone should aim to do them every day. As I considered the millions of books that have been written on promoting and improving one’s mental health and emotional health, I found this study very fascinating. Because what they discovered was not incredible deep hidden secrets of the universe, but rather very simple ordinary things, things that I think were more naturally evident in my life when I was a child.

Here now is the conclusion of the study… (click on sound bar to listen)


  1. Love this one, Dave. Also couldn’t help but notice the almost circular nature of the actions…starts with connecting, then being active, curious, and learning. Then, ends with give…which keeps you connected…taking you back to the first action.


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