Latest science on best cardio workout

Latest science on best cardio workout

“While the short, intense activity of sprinting does not burn many calories, it triggers the release of adrenaline, human growth hormone, cortisol, and testosterone. This hormonal mix elevates calorie consumption for hours and even days after the sprinter has stopped running. Long-distance running does not have the same effect. Instead, it leads to the production of a different hormonal mix that causes muscle wasting, inefficient metabolic processing, and physical decay.” Mark C. Houston, MD

Calculating your heart rate for high intensity workouts


  1. HI, Dave,

    Can you do burst training with the Fit-10 belt by exerting all out for 30 secs. and then recovering for 60 -90 secs? How many bursts would be the number to get the most benefit? I feel that one would have to go longer than the five minutes since I can only get about 3 bursts in the five minutes with a 90 sec recovery. Is the key to monitor you heart rate with a heart rate monitor?


    1. Burst or high intensity interval training works great with the FIT10 belt and resistance device. Go 30-seconds all out, then jog or walk for 30-60 seconds, and then go another 30-seconds all out, etc., for a total time of five minutes. You can monitor your heart rate if you want but it’s not totally necessary.


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