Wait a minute, drinking water does what?

Drinking water keeps the body working properly and keeps your energy levels up. If you don’t have enough water in your system, your kidneys can’t function as well as they should. This forces the liver to burn less fat than it should, so more of it remains stored in your body. Drinking cold water is better than lukewarm water because your body needs to heat the water to its regular temperature, burning calories in the process.


  1. today’s fitness tip – Drinking Water Does What? is so true. I have had five kidney surgeries and the most important part of my post op surgeri is the have a minimum of 128 oz. of water a day.
    Thanks again Dave.


    1. Dave – Does this include water and where it can be found: juice, beer, tea, etc? Or does one have to drink water “stand alone” to get the benefits you state?


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