This new diet craze may be a winner

If you’ve ever been to one of my fitness presentations, or read my book, you know that I am adamant in saying that diets don’t work, and by that I mean fad diets. The primary reason for that assertion relates to one of my hard and fast rules for achieving lifetime-fitness, which is, that in order for any change to be permanent, one must be willing to live with that change permanently for the rest of their life. That said, there is a new diet craze sweeping Britain and taking off in the U.S. that intrigues me – (a) because it’s very successful, and (b) because it’s actually doable for life.

Best and worst way to cook vegetables


  1. I was thinking about the ten minuet exercise plan I started with you a long time ago and how I modified it from something I read, I beleive from a Harvard or other elite school news item, that caught my eye a year back or so.
    Like PACE and your plan it was using the short bursts of energy and Idling for several seconds but the news item had refined it and I could really feel it when I started using it. I actually got concerned it might be a bad idea. It works by closing up the time intervals to what is a 20 second routine of 12 and 8 second intervals with in the 20 second routine. Start out with 8 seconds of in tense exercise and idle for 12 seconds and do this for 10 minuets. I’m 70 now and I really felt it, at first, doing this rountine -not so bad now. You may already know about this but just in case , What do you think?
    Rod Baxter


    1. Hey Rod… it sounds like Tabata, which is a four-minute regime that measures fitness in seconds – 20 seconds of full-out work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. I am very familiar with all of these types of high intensity workouts, done with maximum effort for short periods of time followed by brief rest. This is exactly what I do and teach. My new FIT10 DVD actually teaches great full body exercises that emphasize core, balance and strength, that fit this protocol. See at Great hearing from you!


      1. Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply. I have Fit 10 – I’d better review it again. I like the isometric idea from you-tube with the frog’s restrained leg getting stronger so he tends to jump in circles. I wish people could do that – Mine would probably fall off or atrophy to a stick.

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