3 ingredients you don’t want to see on your food labels

3 Ingredients you don’t want to see on your food labels

Drug commercials have really become interesting now that all side effects must be fully disclosed. The TV commercials have become ridiculous. When they’re done telling you everything negative thing that can happen you’ve totally forgotten what the drug was supposed to solve in the first place. At the very least it ought to remind us that there is a cause and effect in place with everything we eat.

The FDA has approved more than 3,000 additives…



  1. After 3 minutes of searching I never could find the three things that I don’t want to see on the food label. Why couldn’t you just list the three things in the e-mail or on the first site I clicked to. Obviously you are more interested in entreating your followers to go on an odyssey through your website rather than tell them what they were suckered in to find out.


  2. With all due respect, I don’t think you understand how my fit tips work. These are audio fit tips. You must click on either the title link, or the player just below to listen to the rest of the fit tip. In the audio portion I explain exactly what the 3 things are that you don’t want to see on your food labels. I do audio tips verses text for two reasons: (1) everybody does text, they are a dime a dozen, (2… and most importantly) I am a speaker, I have been a motivational speaker on fitness for over 25 years. I connect with my audience best through speaking.

    I’m sorry if you were offended… I just wanted to make sure you understood how it worked.


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