The other way you get fat

The other way you get fat

In my presentations I talk about how fat grows in the body. A major contributor to fat growing in the body is lack of movement. Since muscle burns fat, the less muscle you have, the more fat you’ll have. This is why wild game animals have so little fat compared to farm raised beef. But, today they do more than just pin the animal up to fatten it up, they also change it’s diet. Unfortunately, that same change has occurred in the American diet.

The key hormone in your body determining whether you are over fat or overweight is…

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  1. Hi Dave! Hope you had a terrific weekend! I so enjoy your Monday morning ‘pep talks’. I am unable to hear your post today, not sure if it is my speakers or what but regardless, is your post written out in total? If so, I would love to be able to read today’s post since I can’t hear it, you have my interest peeked w/your first paragraph. It not, no problem, I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to next Monday’s words of wisdom! Have a great day!


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