Stop using this oil, even for cooking

Stop using this oil, even for cooking

One of my rules for better health, as it relates to eating is; Get Real! In other words, as often as possible, eat God-made natural food, verses man-made, or man-manipulated, fake food. As my good friend Chef Shane Kelly says, “Eat outside the box! Because in most cases, eating the box would probably be better for you!”  Natural food is real food and doesn’t include artificial ingredients or additives.

On that note, let’s talk about oils. We know, for example, that Olive Oil comes from olives. We know that Sesame Seed Oil comes from sesame seeds. Logic would then have us assume that Canola Oil comes from canola, or canola seeds. Well, in this case that would be incorrect…


  1. Hi Dave … after listening to your comments regarding canola oil, I did a Google search of grape seed oil versus canola oil. Basically the top 3 responses said that canola was a good oil and was approved by the FDA. [I won’t trust my firstborn to the FDA]
    Can you please supply me with references that you used to make up the basis for your comments?
    Sincerely …
    Jim Skirvin


    1. Hey Jim… thanks for your comment and question. I have provided a link to the most comprehensive reference and one I trust explicitly below. Yes, Canola Oil is controversial, and you will definitely find “experts”, who say all is healthy with this oil. But, I have learned to always be skeptical with any food substance that has been altered and engineered. And, don’t get me started with the FDA! All Natural is always better.

      The Great Con-ola, by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD, The Weston A. Price Foundation


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