How to handle the big Thanksgiving meal

How to handle the big Thanksgiving meal

I’m always amazed at the advice given by the experts concerning the big meal served Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s an example I read recently. “Your mission: Get through T-Day without consuming a week’s worth of calories. Your opponent: Pushy, plus-size Aunt Ruth, who passes you the smoked-bacon stuffing and cheesy mashed potatoes. Your game plan: Pile on the vegetable sides, add a little white meat. Then, put a small scoop of sweet potatoes or stuffing smack-dab on top. This will give the illusion that your plate is loaded with the high-calorie feast, when in reality, your meal is a healthier low-cal meal.”

Now, here’s how America’s Fitness Coach feels about that advice…


  1. Great words of advice Dave. Thank You for reminding everyone that it is Thanksgiving Day and who made it possible.


  2. Another good one Dave. Thanks. I also liked your thought-provoking comment that we have “362 other days” to (not be indulging). I take it the 3 are Thanksgiving, Xmas and …our birthday?


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